Research Services

We conduct industry specific research in countries worldwide. Studies may be conducted in one or several countries simultaneously. Clients are typically interested in the services listed below:

Map, profile and survey potential clients

Identify who your clients will be in a new market
Survey the prospects to identify market needs and opportunities
Result: Tested client list with assessment of market conditions
Blind interview existing clients

Assess customer loyalty
Identify company's strengths and weakness in the target country
Result: Improve company service offering to maintain customers
Map, profile and survey potential distributors/representatives

Identify possible distributors/partners
Survey partners to screen strong candidates
Result: Screened list of possible in-country partners that are qualified based on your criteria and have indicated they are interested in carrying your product or service.
Competitive intelligence

Interview and tour competitors' facilities
First hand, assess competitors capabilities and market positions
Result: Complete, first hand knowledge of competitors' capabilities, strengths, weakness and market positions.
Test for market existence

Present product/service to possible clients
Assess market receptivity, price points, and map market channels
Introduce product/service to decision makers to assess size
Result: Confirmation of market size and receptivity to product
Custom Projects

Clients frequently request custom projects
Project examples include:

Build database of over 4000 product end users for China
Identify and test distribution methods in Italy
Map, segment and assess U.S. book industry

All research is conducted exclusively for the client. This means the information is as fresh as possible. We do not resell any of our data to competitors. We assign the intellectual property rights to our clients. Thus, there is no concern the data will be resold to competitors.
All work is completed within a six to eight week time period, barring any major holidays within the focus country.
We provide a web-based project management system that allows clients to continually monitor the project process, regardless of the number of time zones involved.
Research Examples
China - Assess market potential, market trends and selling challenges to determine market profitability.

Action: Create a prospective client database of over 4,000 contacts. Identify best possible customers based on size and geographic region. Survey best prospects to obtain key contacts, raw materials used and other pertinent information.
Result: Client obtained master sales list to provide recently appointed Chinese distributor with a prospect list. A concrete estimate of market potential was established which enabled sales objectives and performance measures to be established. Client is actively establishing sales in China and has a complete realistic understanding of yearly sales levels.
Japan - Objective: Identify key service issues vital to purchasing managers and end-users. Utilize information to develop service offering in Japan.

Action: Identify 200 purchasing managers. Administer a written survey to assess market conditions and key buying factors. Conduct one on one interviews with the prospective purchasing managers and service end users.
Result: Client understands the market competition, primary buying issues for purchase managers, critical decision factors to the end users and market pricing points. Our client was able to competently negotiate with its Japanese partner to develop and price an attractive service offering.
Italy, Germany, France - Objective: The client was seeking 20 resellers in Italy, five in Germany and four in France.

Action: We located 56 possible partners. We introduced the client to the prospective distributors and interviewed 54 of the prospective resellers on a series of qualifying questions.
Result: The client received a final list of 13 interested and qualified resellers. The client identified which trade shows, journals and associations were the most effective in the three countries to sell product. The client met with several resellers at a major trade show and began to discuss a reselling partnership.
Brazil - Objective: Our client needed to analyze the probability of profitably conducting and servicing clients in Brazil. The client was also unclear if its product would meet the technical standards of the market.

Actions: 1) Chelsea House identified and interviewed several industry experts. 2) We identified government budget allocations. 3) We surveyed competitors to establish required levels of service within the market as well as obtained product pricing. 4) We identified prospective customers.
Results: 1) We obtained technical industry standards and common operating procedures. The client knew its product would not need to be altered to sell in the market. It also learned the smaller product sizes would be in higher demand than the larger sizes. 2) Government budget allocations drive the market and thus client had projections as to market size estimates for the next four years. 3) We obtained competitor pricing information. Thus, the client knew at what price it had to sell its product to the distributor and if it could be profitable. 4) Several prospective customers requested to be contacted by our client directly to discuss possible product purchases. 5) Our client was invited to speak at an upcoming industry association conference.