Case Study Examples
Commonwealth of Virginia: Market Research Program

Objective: Provide Virginia companies with a mechanism to obtain primary information on target countries worldwide

Action: Through our in-country experts, we research the market to answer the specific questions of the Virginia companies. Questions typically are as follows:
At what price is my competitor selling the product? We survey the competition to document service offerings, capabilities and price points.
Who are my top 50 prospective customers? Who are the decision makers within the organization? We contact the possible buyers and discuss product requirements, buying interests, purchase points and other relevant factors.
Who are the top 10 possible distributors? What are their qualifications? We contact the possible partners, introduce our client and assess if they are interested in continued discussion.
What is the market potential? Through modeling, industry interviews and other sources, we estimate market potential.

Result:  The Virginia Economic Development Partnership through one resource provides market research to its export companies. Its clients benefit from fast, efficient and affordable custom research done in the target country or countries.
Columbus Regional Airport

Objective: The Airport desired to establish new airline carriers for its cargo airport. It needed to know how much international air cargo was exiting the geographical service area.

Action: We identified over 400 exporting or foreign owned companies. We surveyed 40% of the companies to determine the air cargo quantity and destination.

Result: Client had solid data on market size and shipping patterns. Information was used to attract new air carriers to the airport.

City of Ashland, Ohio:

Objective: The City desired to stimulate exports for existing companies and thus create and maintain local employment.

Action: We developed a community export plan to foster exports in the local region. We established a sister city relationship with a community in China.

Result: Several educational and governmental trade missions from China traveled to meet with community and business leaders in Ashland. The Mayor of Ashland traveled to China to meet with officials and discuss areas of mutual benefit. Ashland implemented the export plan and started to provide, on a scheduled basis, export training seminars.